About Us

Celebrating 12 years of scholar achievements and educational opportunity throughout the Denver community.

Who We Are

STRIVE Preparatory Schools (STRIVE Prep) is a Denver-based community of free, open enrollment, public charter schools committed to providing every student with an excellent, high-quality, college-preparatory education.

STRIVE Prep was founded 11 years ago under the belief that students from all backgrounds deserve a college preparatory education regardless of race, economic circumstance or previous academic achievement.

Where We're Located

Twelve years ago we opened the very first STRIVE Prep campus in Southwest Denver.  We established ourselves in the center of a community whose students—from various backgrounds and educational experiences—had not previously had access to a college prep education so close to home.  In order to provide an accessible, high-quality, public education for more of Denver’s students, we decided to grow.  So, we expanded even deeper into Southwest Denver and later into Northwest and Far Northeast Denver, eventually serving students in grades kindergarten-12th grade.  View the map below to see where we’re located today.

Our Community Commitment

STRIVE Prep commits to preparing all students for educational success from kindergarten through college and career, by challenging them to realize their full potential through high expectations, in a safe, rigorous, and compassionate learning environment with shared accountability among students, families and staff.

What We Believe

  • Every child deserves a demanding, standards-based education;
  • Accountable community develops character; and
  • Great teachers are essential for academic excellence.

 What We Value

At the center of our culture we hold the STRIVE Prep values.  We’re proud of our values and weave them into every aspect of our work with scholars, families, the community and each other. Together, these values help us help scholars STRIVE for college.



Our Community Vision

strive-info-k-12pathwayOur vision is to make a college preparatory education for all students in our community the norm, not the exception.  STRIVE Prep clears a path for all families to have access to a high-quality school that’s just down the street, not across town.  By building great schools in Far Northeast, Northwest and Southwest Denver, we will create depth of impact and long-lasting community change.

We will know we are successful when our graduates earn college degrees and lead and transform their own communities through economic development and educational opportunity for all.

Who We Serve

We believe a high-quality public education should be well within the grasp of students in every neighborhood of Denver, but we also know that for many students, that opportunity is out of reach.  That’s why we extend deep into the communities we serve to become more accessible to all families who choose STRIVE Prep, including those who live down the street, around the corner and at the end of the block.

We meet students exactly where they are, challenging, encouraging and supporting every child with the tools and resources needed to push them beyond the limits of their previous achievements.

*Reflective of 2017-18 demographics.

Serving Scholars & Families

We work to make good on two promises to families:

  1. Your child will be safe.
    That means creating a warm, caring environment where teachers and staff work to protect the academic, physical, social, and emotional well-being of every child, every day.
  2. Your child will be prepared for the opportunities and challenges of college.
    That means creating a learning environment that expands scholars’ options for life after high school, college and beyond.