October 24, 2017

Last December, the generous community of STRIVE Prep supporters, like you, helped double our Colorado Gives Day fundraising goal of $50,000, to donate over $100,000. These generous gifts supported foundations of learning, ignited students’ passions, and gave our scholars better access to a thriving future they can choose for themselves.

This year’s event is just six weeks out, and we hope you’ll extend your generosity to 3,700 scholars again.

We are setting the bar higher this year, with a starting goal of $100,000, because in order to build upon the foundations we’ve set the past twelve years, we need to offer our scholars more.

More exposure to experiences and opportunities outside of their everyday lives, to help them imagine and dream about their future possibilities and career choices.

More inclusive programs and services for our Special Education center programs, to make sure every student we serve has their needs met and gets the equitable education they deserve.

And, even more college access supports, to not only get our students to college, but make sure they can make the transition from STRIVE Prep to college seamlessly.

These are big goals, and they can’t be achieved without the help of our thriving community.

Please mark your calendar for Colorado Gives Day on December 5, 2017, or schedule your donation today, so you can help 3,700 STRIVE Prep scholars strive for college, and thrive throughout life.


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