April 3, 2017

STRIVE Prep’s youngest scholars are coming together to elevate kindness and respect for each other and the broader community.

Every day at STRIVE Prep – Ruby Hill, students and teachers live out their community values to love, lead, achieve, grow and persevere together. With students from various, cultures, backgrounds and learning abilities, Ruby Hill staff and students know how important it is to respect and celebrate their community’s diversity as often as possible. Community meeting is often a special time set aside to acknowledge scholars who exemplify the values. It’s also a great opportunity for the entire school community to recommit themselves to creating an inclusive and positive school culture that supports the dignity of every scholar.

Recently, the elephants joined forces with the Special Olympics at a school community meeting to ruby-hill-scholarshelp foster even more inclusivity within their community.

The idea to bring in the Special Olympics came from the mother of one of STRIVE Prep’s students with special needs, a kindergartner named Lalo.

Alongside Lalo, representatives from the Special Olympics shared simple ways students could help “build a world of respect” by being mindful of the language they use and remembering to “put people first” in everything they do and say.

“We got this idea from Lalo’s mom and so many great things are coming from it,” explained Allie Kauffman, kindergarten teacher. “Each class chose five scholars to represent our school as Respect Ambassadors, who were recognized at the meeting as well.”


Lalo and Ms. Kauffman at the meeting.

The respect ambassadors promised to help remind their peers to use kind words and will be on the lookout to make sure every scholar is being treated with respect. All scholars also too the Special Olympics pledge to show respect to one another

At the end of the meeting each Respect Ambassador got the chance to be an Olympian and try out an obstacle course set up by the Special Olympics. High fives and smiles were all around as the students jumped through hoops, crawled through a tunnel and showed their soccer skills.

STRIVE Prep is proud of our elementary scholars for taking a stand for respect and dignity for all students. We hope our entire community will join us to spread more respect and kindness to everyone around us.