November 3, 2016
By Jessica Majerus | Assistant Principal of Culture for STRIVE Prep – Excel

In school, students can sometimes feel like they’re merely the sum of a set of data: their latest SAT score, GPA, or most recent test score.


Javier Godinez is a talented photographer and involved junior at STRIVE Prep – Excel.

At STRIVE Prep – Excel, we know that our scholars are brilliant enough to earn incredibly high SAT scores, GPAs, and master tests.  We also know that our scholars are so much more than a collection of numbers.

One scholar who truly exemplifies this is junior, Javier Godinez.  Javier is a big brother with a passion for autism awareness.  He’s also a budding photographer.

Fueled by curiosity and armed with just a camera, Javier hits the streets of our community to hone his skill. He reports that he enjoys taking pictures of cars and the Denver cityscape.  

One evening, Javier headed out with a few friends and his camera and stumbled on this homeless vet.  After capturing his picture, Javier and his friends offered to buy the man dinner.

Javier is an excellent scholar with a set of numbers that are a testament to his intelligence and work ethic, but beyond that he’s a member of our community who reminds us to fight for those we love.  And, he reminds us to stop and truly see the world around us – whether through a camera lens or with our own eyes.

Javier, thank you for bringing your unique perspective to our community and enriching us all through your passion.

Check out some of Javier’s latest work:


Photograph of disabled veteran in Downtown Denver by Javier Godinez.


Photograph of the Denver skyline by Javier Godinez, junior at STRIVE Prep – Excel.


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