October 12, 2017

Today, DPS released the 2017 School Performance Framework, the comprehensive measure of annual school performance. We’re thrilled to share with you that STRIVE Prep – RISE, in its first year, received 92% of the possible points, earning a blue or distinguished school rating and is the #1 ranked high school in all of Denver.

The achievements of the scholars at RISE give us great hope about the capacity of our students to lead our community in the very near future. Thanks to the hard work of our scholars, to the dedication from our teachers, and to the visionary leadership from Elisha Roberts, RISE’s principal, these results redefine what is possible for the students and families of Far Northeast Denver. The new Regis Groff Campus is a point of unmatched community pride with this opportunity for young leaders to strive for college and thrive throughout life

The School Performance Framework includes different categories. Points for the growth category are based on student progress within the year, while status category points are based on student proficiency rates. STRIVE Prep – Ruby Hill, our first elementary school, earned 90% of the points possible in the status section of the framework, while earning a green rating and meeting expectations overall. 90% is the highest percentage of status points earned by any elementary school in the three regions in which STRIVE Prep operates. All measures on the framework are important, and, we believe the status of a school’s oldest students to be among the most important, as it most clearly reflects the skills and knowledge they take with them as they transition to the next level of their education. At Ruby Hill, receiving 90% of the possible status points raises the bar of what’s attainable by young scholars in our communities.

Overall, eight of STRIVE Prep’s eleven schools met or exceeded expectations. We are far from satisfied with this outcome. We’ve shared with you several times that this year is a turning point for us, as we craft a three year strategic plan for realizing the full potential of our scholars in inclusive school communities where every student and family are welcome. We look forward to updating you on the progress of that plan in the months to come. As we do the work to map out our future, it’s important to also recognize assets of our community not necessarily highlighted in the performance framework data. The college readiness of our high school students is one such asset. STRIVE Prep – SMART and STRIVE Prep – EXCEL share collective college readiness indicators of an 87% on-time graduation rate, 94% college acceptance rate, and 980 median SAT score. As we seek to improve on other aspects of our programming, we will build on these strengths.

Thank you for your continued support of this mission. The time has never been more important to take a rigorous look at the performance of students across the city, and ensure that as a community, we are doing everything possible to ensure their future success. Every student deserves it.



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