December 7, 2017

The newly formed Sunnyside cheer squad recently had the opportunity to learn from the experienced high school cheerleaders at SMART.

The two teams came together for a joint practice, where the SMART team demonstrated and taught the younger team stunting basics and safety. It didn’t take long for the Hornets to pick up the tricks, members of the squad were soon standing tall with the support of both teams.

“Most of these girls haven’t cheered before, so I think seeing the high schoolers doing the same things they’ve been working on helps build their confidence,” said Ms. Arvizo, the Sunnyside cheer coach. “They also know there aren’t a lot of middle school teams, so getting this experience now will definitely help them if they want to cheer in high school.”

Towards the end of the practice, each team had the time to show off the chants and cheers they’ve been practicing this year, ultimately all coming together to perform a favorite of both squads, with extra STRIVE Prep spirit and smiles all around.

You can catch the Sunnyside cheer team performing at Sunnyside home basketball games in January. The SMART team will also cheer during basketball games starting in January.