September 30, 2017

For over 15 years, The Daniels Fund has supported thousands of students across Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Utah in their dream of attending and

Last year, Edgar Campos Escobedo was selected as a Daniels Fund Scholar. He now attends University of Colorado – Denver and is studying architecture.

graduating from college. Last year, a STRIVE Prep alum joined this group of committed young leaders as our network’s first Daniels Fund Scholar. We hope more STRIVE Prep scholars will soon follow in his footsteps as the application process is now open through November 30.

The Daniels Fund is not just a check for college, it is a support system to make sure that the qualified high school students who receive it are successful and able to continue to thrive in college and make their way to a rewarding career.

We encourage all of our seniors to apply to be a part of this lifelong connection. More information about eligibility requirements can be found at the Daniels Fund website.


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