April 25, 2017

STRIVE Prep’s Second Annual Senior Signing Day is May 3 from 10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. Last year our signing-day-snapshotsfirst ever graduating class stood up in front of their families, peers and scholars from every STRIVE Prep school to proudly share where they will go to college.

This year we are excited to have scholars from STRIVE Prep – SMART and STRIVE Prep – Excel take to the stage at the Denver Coliseum and shout to the world what’s next on their path to success! To date, 94% of graduating seniors at STRIVE Prep – SMART have been accepted to college, and 93% of graduating seniors at STRIVE Prep – Excel have been accepted to college.

Please join us at the Denver Coliseum to show your support and help our scholars to celebrate this important milestone. To RSVP, email Samantha Tobia: stobia@striveprep.org.