August 10, 2017

What’s one way to STRIVE for college? Try spending one week of your summer at a top engineering college surrounded by real college students and professors. That’s exactly what a group of scholars from STRIVE Prep – Sunnyside did when participating in the SAFE (Summer Academic Focused Education) program at the Colorado School of Mines.


Students begin planning their infrastructure projects with their Mines advisers.

In the week long program, scholars spent the first few days working in teams with their student advisers (current Mines students) to plan out engineering projects that could help the environment, like how to get oil out of the ocean without hurting animals. The group then worked together to come up with solutions and name the pros and cons for each. Throughout the week they developed their project further, finally sketching, testing, and refining their solutions.

“It was awesome; we learned about things like urban infrastructures and how we can improve them,” Essence, a STRIVE Prep – Sunnyside 8th grader, said about her experience. “I liked it because I got to learn new things and it was a fun thing to do during the summer.”

The week culminated in a group field trip to Water World, where scholars went on a tour and analyzed how engineering keeps the giant water park running – of course while adding a few fun zips down the waterslides as a bonus! Huge thanks to the staff and students at Colorado School of Mines for helping our scholars not only STRIVE for college, but also challenging them to use their knowledge to make our communities and the world around us better for everyone to enjoy.


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