March 1, 2017

Jason Romero is helping scholars at STRIVE Prep – SMART get in touch with their ancestral roots.


Chicano studies scholars found the same symbol the Aztec people did at the end of their journey – an eagle with a snake in its mouth.

As a part of his year-long curriculum focusing on the history of Chicano Studies, Mr. Romero planned a recent lesson that involved students traveling through the campus and imagining their path as the same one that the Aztec people took when they migrated from their homeland.

The interactive lesson engaged students differently than if they had been listening to a lecture in the classroom. On this unique journey, students were able to explore their surroundings and envision the hallways they walk everyday as if it was the same path that some of their ancestors took thousands of years ago.

“In Chicano Studies, students learn what it means to be a human being through the exploration of indigenous epistemologies and by embracing the traditions of their ancestors,” Mr. Romero explained.

“These experiences allow for students to engage with the process of decolonization, see themselves as producers of knowledge and gain a critical consciousness through their reflections on society and their own lived realities.”

Scholars were excited to come to the final stop on their journey to find the same symbol that the Aztec found at the culmination of their journey – an eagle with a snake in its mouth – symbolizing that this was the location that they should make their home.


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