August 18, 2017

We are excited to share that two teachers from our community of over 500 amazing educators have been selected as Colorado Teacher of the Year finalists. Ms. Kathleen Anderson, a 6th grade English Language Arts teacher at STRIVE Prep – Kepner, and Ms. Wendi Sussman, the Multi-Intensive Special Education Center Director at STRIVE Prep – Federal are two out of seven finalists selected from a pool of outstanding teachers across the state of Colorado. The winner will be announced in the fall, but in the meantime, join us in celebrating these two STRIVE Prep teachers who have gone above and beyond to ensure that every one of their students has the opportunity to strive for college and thrive throughout life.

More about the finalists:

Kathleen-Anderson-STRIVE-KepnerMs. Kathleen Anderson

Alma mater: Colorado College
Years teaching: Five
What makes her a great teacher:

“Ms. Anderson is an invaluable educator because of her ability to ignite a passion for literacy in every child. During STRIVE Prep – Kepner’s founding year she was instrumental in instilling a true love for literacy in our 6th graders and leading them to make tremendous growth in reading. Under Ms. Anderson’s guidance, our scholars were able to access poetry, news, novels and information like never before. Her instruction leads students to read what they love and find their voice through informed conversations and writing. She is a most deserving nominee for the 2018 Colorado Teacher of the Year because of her passion for educational equity within the classroom and throughout the state of Colorado. She is a true champion for our students and we are proud to call her a STRIVE Prep – Kepner Mustang!”
— Katie Ryan, Principal of STRIVE Prep – Kepner

Wend-Sussman-Federal-HIgh-Five-StudentMs. Wendi Sussman

Alma mater: University of Wisconsin
Years teaching: Eight
What makes her a great teacher:

“Ms. Sussman has a genuine heart to serve our students and their families in a way that meets them where they are and then pushes them beyond what some might have thought possible. Each year, her students in her team’s classroom make tremendous growth that is setting them up for a life that includes far more choices than they previously had, and that is a gift our students and their families will never forget. Ms. Sussman and her team have raised the bar for what programming and growth should look like for students in center programs. STRIVE Prep is absolutely privileged to have her setting this high standard not only in her school, but in other STRIVE Prep schools through her mentorship and development of teachers.”
— Kaci Coats – Senior Director of Student Services for STRIVE Prep


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