February 17, 2017

During the past couple weeks, scholars from STRIVE Prep – RISE have spent many class periods suited up in rubber gloves, goggles and aprons, morphing from students in high school to scientists in a lab.

This fun and scientific transformation is all thanks to the creative and hands-on Diversity of Life unit created by 9th Grade Biology teacher, Ms. Cate Dance. Her lesson plans, which included two dissections in the past month, have inspired a joy of learning and enthusiasm for science.

Scholars have been building their understanding of vertebrae anatomy through dissections of bonefish sharks and frogs, and will end their unit with a dissection of fetal pigs later this month.

“We were lucky to have the funding to do this [three dissections] and I was more than willing to lead them,” said Ms. Dance.

Scholars have been both delighted and, some might even say, disgusted by the sight of shark intestines and frog abdomens, but one thing is for sure – every scholar was fully engaged and immersed in the unique discovery that can only come from dissection.

Ms. Dance and Biology Teacher Resident Ms. Kelsey Batz floated around the lab, helping scholars secure their specimen or providing assistance locating an organ, but for the most part stepped back to let the scholars fully explore and thoughtfully examine the anatomy of vertebrae.

The engaging lessons definitely ignited a passion for biology in some scholars.

“I don’t even know what to say, that was so… just thank you,” freshman, Carlos Preto told Ms. Dance and Ms. Batz as he left class after the first dissection day.

There’s sure to be more gratitude and excitement soon as scholars delve into their next dissection next month.

Check out the photo gallery of STRIVE Prep – RISE scholars dissections days:



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