September 7, 2017

If you stepped into any STRIVE Prep middle and high school classrooms recently you would certainly find 30 students attentively learning from the teacher.

But, in 10 classrooms you’d find another type of student: an aspiring teacher who is part of STRIVE

Last year, Kelsey Batz, pictured above, observed and learned from her resident advisor, biology teacher Cate Dance at STRIVE Prep – RISE.
Now, in her second year of the program, Kelsey is the Chemistry teacher at the same campus, something she and her sophomore students are both happy about.

Prep’s Teacher Residency Program, learning from their advisor.

The two-year Teacher Residency Program is now in it’s second year at STRIVE Prep middle and high schools, meaning there are both first and second year residents participating across the network.

In year one, residents, who are selected during a spring application process, observe and learn from an experienced STRIVE Prep teacher, their resident advisor, all while working toward earning their Colorado Initial Teaching License.

Then, in year two the resident becomes a full-time STRIVE Prep teacher and continue as graduate students at the Relay Graduate School of Education to work toward earning their Master’s of Arts in Teaching.

This program not only provides a supportive and gradual on-ramp to the teaching profession, it also gives residents the opportunity to build relationships with their future students.


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