December 14, 2016

Since 2006, STRIVE Prep has relied on talented educators to lead our scholars toward the kind of community transformation where every student has access to a free, high-quality, college prep education.

They’ve helped 92 percent of our first graduating class in Southwest Denver with their acceptance to a four-year college.

They’ve sparked a love of reading and writing through inspiring materials to help a Northwest Denver school move from yellow to green on the DPS School Performance Framework.

And, they’ve set an example of success for students in Far Northeast Denver.

As we approach 2017, and admire the educational and community changes that have shaped new opportunities for students in Denver, we know these transformations didn’t just happen.

They were made by choice, or rather a series of choices by educators who want their scholars to thrive.

Mr. Dowden, the Dean of Students at STRIVE Prep – SMART Academy, chose to recognize a student’s strengths, rather than writing him off as uninterested in school, and helped guide him on the path to college.

At STRIVE Prep – Lake, Ms. LePage chose to teach with STRIVE Prep for her tenth year this school year, grading over 12,000 essays and inspiring and teaching more than 1,000 students along the way.

Mr. Williams chose to return to the community that shaped him at STRIVE Prep – Montbello and act as a role model of success for students in the Montbello neighborhood.

These educators, and hundreds of others at STRIVE Prep, are making the choice to teach and transform the lives of thousands of students, while building a fulfilling career for themselves at the same time.

As our network continues to grow in Denver, we need the help of even more outstanding teachers and change-makers to choose a similar path.

Are you, or someone you know, ready to join us on this journey of community transformation

Learn more about career opportunities at STRIVE Prep.


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