December 20, 2016

In just over two weeks, Round 1 of the 2017-18 Denver Public Schools SchoolChoice enrollment process will open, giving thousands of families across our city the opportunity to choose a school that meets their needs and desires to create the best future for their students.

At STRIVE Prep, we are looking forward to meeting new families and sharing the best of what we have to offer students at our 11 (soon to be 13) schools throughout Southwest, Northwest and Far Northeast Denver.

Through our Information Sessions, Family Tours and Student Shadow Days, families can experience STRIVE Prep for themselves, seeing firsthand how we work to meet the needs of thousands of unique scholars across Denver. Whether they’re looking for a personalized learning experience for their child, consistent family communication from teachers, or a safe, welcoming community for students to develop their passions and college prep dreams, STRIVE Prep encourages families to Visit a School and get to know us this SchoolChoice season.

Do you know any families who would like to join a community like STRIVE Prep? Share our Visit a School Sign-Up form and keep reading to share the experiences of some of our current families.

We moved to Denver from Massachusetts a year and half ago and I knew picking a school from across the country was going to be very difficult. I started kristin-selina-polak-nw-denver-familymy research based on location, because our family already lived in this neighborhood. I knew I wanted to choose a charter school because I had seen my daughter, Selina, thrive from the smaller class sizes and attention she was able to get at her old school in Massachusetts. Selina has some special challenges when it comes to education and I found that in the past some of her special education classes weren’t able to challenge her or meet her needs given the high number of students there.

One of the main reasons we chose STRIVE Prep was the location, Selina was able to walk back and forth to school both in middle school, and now in high school. Another reason was the continuing pathway from middle to high school from the same program in our neighborhood. I felt good knowing she wouldn’t have to switch to a totally different program and potentially not receive the same attention after she finished middle school.

All of her teachers are exceptionally helpful and involved. I know they are willing to work hard and bend over backwards to make sure their students, and my daughter, succeed.”

Kristin Polak
Middle & High School Parent

“We moved to Denver in 2001, and bought our first house in the Westwood neighborhood. Our oldest was only three. Years later, Chris Gibbons, the network CEO, found my name on a website because I garcia-family-strive-prepwas involved with the Westwood Neighborhood Association. He told me he was starting a public charter school that was safe and going to help get kids ready for college.

Ishan started at STRIVE Prep – Federal as a 6th grader and is now a senior at STRIVE Prep – SMART Academy, and he’s been getting ready for college since 6th grade. The teachers believe that every kid can succeed and learn and go to college. When someone believes in your kids like that, as parents you want to get involved. He never used to get good grades. What we’ve seen from STRIVE is he’s gotten nothing but good grades. Whenever any of his grades go down in any of his classes we’ve gotten a call from the teachers letting us know what he needs to do to get caught up. They are always striving for something higher and as parents, we didn’t feel like we had to nag him because he learned to be accountable himself. The concrete results are that he’s been accepted to the four major universities in Colorado and others as well.”

Judith & Ismael Garcia
Middle & High School Parents of three STRIVE Prep scholars

It was really my son who made the choice to go to STRIVE Prep – RISE for high kj-ector-tiffany-scottschool. I thought to myself,  ‘It’s his education.’ Having attended STRIVE Prep for middle school, this is where he feels comfortable and I wanted to support him.’  Today, he really feels like he’s somebody at STRIVE Prep.  And for me, I like that it’s more of an intimate setting where kids have more one-on-one interactions so that if they’re struggling, teachers and advisors can take the time to help them. And, kids also get great pats on the back for when they’re doing well, which only encourages them to be better and do more. STRIVE Prep is giving students the opportunity to succeed. STRIVE creates exposure and avenues to college that other schools are not. Every time I look up there’s something new for them to study or explore like speech & debate, tutoring, community services and field trips; it’s all great.

And, the communication at STRIVE Prep is huge. Everyone is so good about keeping parents informed and engaged. I like the fact that they care just as much about my child’s education as I do. They’re really like the kids’ parents away from home and that’s why I don’t have any worries for my son when he’s at school. I really feel safe with my son being there. I know he is going to be successful because he has no choice. He really has a very bright future ahead of him.”

Tiffany Scott
STRIVE Prep High School Parent