March 17, 2017

Join STRIVE Prep staff and families in advocating for charter school funding and express your support for Senate Bill 61 (SB 61). Please call or write your state representative to let them know that public charter school students deserve access to the same resources that other public school students have and ask them to vote yes on SB 61.

Right now, public charter schools in Colorado only receive about 80 percent of the funding a district school would receive for serving the same student. A major contributor to this disparity is the fact that most school districts do not equitably share local tax revenue with charter schools. (A big thank you to Denver Public Schools who currently shares its funding with STRIVE Prep schools and other DPS charters).

“These kids are receiving unequal funding and they’re disadvantaged from the point they walk into the classroom,” state Senator Angela Williams, a Denver Democrat and one of the bill’s sponsors told Chalkbeat. “It’s about ensuring students of color, underserved students and students with disabilities have equal funding.”

Equitable funding is incredibly important to to make sure all schools can serve all students, this is why we here at STRIVE Prep urge you to support this bill.

After a strong showing and passage in the Senate, this bill was introduced in the Colorado House and waiting to be assigned to a committee for its first hearing.

Call to Action: Please call or write your state representative to express your support for SB 61.

Representative James Coleman (D)
Speaker of the House Crisanta Duran (D)
Assistant Majority Leader Alec Garnett (D)
Representative Chris Hansen (D)
Representative Leslie Herod (D)
Representative Susan Lontine (D)
Representative Dan Pabon (D)
Representative Paul

If your representative is not listed, you can find him or her here:


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