"It was a big risk we were taking going into a new school, but it was worth it. It was mentally challenging, which is something a good education should do. The teachers pushed me to what I was really capable of, which is something I'll always appreciate."

Jazmin Nieto, STRIVE Prep Alum & Current Teacher

An Excellent K-12 Education Pathway

From kindergarten through high school, all students deserve an equal shot at receiving an education that can open the doors to a future they desire.  We want to make this a reality for students of all ages by opening safe and small elementary, middle and high schools where students can learn in joyful learning environments and thrive in a culture of high standards, structure and accountability.


The STRIVE Prep Promise

We want all families to know that every day they send a child off to a STRIVE Prep school, we’re working hard to make good on two promises.

Your child will be safe.

That means creating a warm, caring environment where teachers and staff can protect the academic, physical, social and emotional well-being of every child, every day.  All of our scholars benefit from:

  • A simple uniform to reduce social stress, build pride and a sense of belonging
  • Engaging in a culturally-responsive community
  • Living the STRIVE Prep values of Scholarship, Teamwork, Respect, Intelligence, Virtue, and Effort
  • Recognition for positive behavior and achievement
  • Appropriate consequences for poor choices and negative behavior
  • Ongoing communication between teachers, scholars and families

Your child will be prepared for the opportunities and challenges of college.

That means creating a learning environment that expands scholars’ options for life after high school, college and beyond.  All of our scholars benefit from:

  • A college preparatory curriculum aligned with state and national standards
  • A longer school day and year with extra class time in literacy and math as well as creative and expressive enrichment classes (offerings vary by campus)
  • Technology tools and platforms to enhance student learning and build 21st century skills
  • Regular assessments to meet individual student learning needs
  • Regular homework and after school tutoring
  • Evening phone access to teachers for homework help
  • Small advisory groups to build relationships, foster communication between students, families and teachers and develop college-readiness skills