STRIVE Prep - Ruby Hill

“Our goal is that our students are safe, happy, and learning at every moment throughout the day, and that our students are on a path toward college starting in kindergarten!”

Alexa Mason, Principal

Grados: K-5

Teléfono Principal


Líder de la Escuela:

Alexa Mason

Horas de Escuela:

lunes a jueves: 7:45 AM - 3:20 PM
viernes: 7:45 AM - 1:20 PM


Alexa Mason

Bienvenidos a STRIVE Prep - Ruby Hill

¡El Primer Día de Escuela!
Kindergarten: agosto 13-15 (medio dias)
Grados K-5: agosto 16-17 (medio dias) Grados K-5: agosto 20

Horas de “Casa Abierta”
Jueves, 9 de agosto 2:00-4:00pm Viernes, 8 de agosto 8:00-10:00am
Todas las familias son invitadas a venir, conocer las maestras y ver donde su estudiante va a aprender este año.

La noche de regreso a la escuela STRIVE Prep - Ruby Hill
Miércoles, 22 de agosto 3:30-4:30pm
Todas las familias están invitadas a conocer a los maestros de sus estudiantes, obtener información sobre lo que los estudiantes aprenderán este año y cómo comunicarse mejor y asociarse con la escuela para asegurar el éxito de su estudiante.

STRIVE Prep Shout Out

We would like to shout-out our amazing parent volunteers also known as the Nacho Moms.  Since the first day of school, they have been integral to getting our school up and running. These amazing moms are best known for their Friday afternoon nacho sales, but they do so much more.  The Nacho Moms have helped cover the front desk and support the front office staff.  They have put together materials for math and writing, and most recently have been helping every morning and afternoon in our parking lot to ensure our students and families have a safe arrival and dismissal.  Thank you to these very dedicated family volunteers!

School Based Programs

  • Two teachers per classroom
  • Computer-based literacy
  • Spanish & PE
  • English language development
  • Special education

Community Programs

  • The Colorado I Have a Dream Foundation
  • Family Council

We are honored to be STRIVE Preparatory Schools’ first  elementary school in Southwest Denver.  Our students will Love, Lead, Achieve, Grow, and Persevere every day.