What to Expect

"When the teachers are genuinely, intrinsically motivated to come to school and to teach, kids are intrinsically motivated to learn and to give their all."

Dani Martin - Teacher, STRIVE Prep - Ruby Hill

Applying and Interviewing

All candidates must submit an initial resume and cover letter via our jobs page in order to be considered. Candidates are encouraged to apply for multiple jobs in which they are interested.  STRIVE Prep follows a three-step application process:

Application & Cover Letter Review

Our Talent Team reviews resumes and cover letters with an eye for professional and error-free application materials.  We like to see cover letters addressed directly to us and detailing why you want to work at STRIVE Prep and updated resumes that highlight any credentials that might be valuable to the job.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.41.44 AMDigital Interview

During the second step of our process, candidates are invited to participate in a digital interview.  This allows us to get to know you better by asking a series of informal, position-specific questions. Some questions for teachers include detailing what a potential lesson would look like from start to finish, and what a candidate would do when less than half their students showed mastery on a Common Core objective.

In-Person Interview 

The final step of the interview process is an in-person interview at one of our nine campuses.  During this interview teacher candidates teach a sample lesson to a group of our “scholars” with a teaching objective provided by the Talent Team.  Candidates also interview and receive feedback on that lesson from campus administration, spend time observing classrooms and talk with students and teachers.  Non-academic final interviews typically include a performance task mirroring the work required for a specific job and interviews with Central Staff and or department managers.

The Sample Lesson

WS-16Candidates participate in sample lessons to share in-person how they would teach a typical class of scholars in a the subject they are most comfortable.  These are a great way to see how potential teachers would interact with scholars.  Sample lessons are observed by the campus principal, one to three assistant principals and on occasion, a member of the Talent Team.  Candidates receive feedback on their sample lesson during their interviews with campus administrators.  Sample lessons are typically recorded for norming purposes, or if a candidate is being considered for multiple roles.


Elementary School Candidates

  • Teacher candidates teach a 40-minute literacy lesson to a group of 25-30 scholars.
  • Co-teacher candidates teach a 40-minute science or social studies lesson.
  • Special Education candidates teach a 40-minute literacy pull-out (4-5 students).
  • PE and Spanish teachers teach a 40-minute subject-specific lesson.

Middle School Candidates

  • Candidates  teach a 30- or 50-minute subject-specific sample lesson (depending on the campus) to a group of 25-30 sixth, seventh or eighth grade scholars, depending on the grade level to which they are applying.

High School Candidates

  • Candidates teach the first 30 minutes of a 90-minute subject-specific lesson (i.e., we ask candidates to plan and write a lesson plan for 90 minutes and teach the first 30 minutes).

Leadership Candidates

  • Leadership candidates teach a sample lesson in the grade level and subject where they are most comfortable.

Central Office Candidates

  • While candidates for central office positions do not present a sample lesson, part of the interview process does include a short performance task which could include designing a short project plan, demonstrating writing skills or giving a presentation. The task usually reflects some aspect of the daily work that might be completed in a particular position.


Benefits of Working at STRIVE Prep

Living and Working in Denver

Denver is a young, vibrant city, on the forefront of urban education reform.  We have 300 days of sunshine, endless outdoor activities in the Rocky Mountains and everything the metro area has to offer including concerts, museums and professional teams.  Check out VISIT Denver’s “Let’s Go” video below to learn more about life in the Mile High City.

Professional Development

Teachers who are interested in pursuing academic leadership opportunities can participate in our Principal Fellow program.  Fellows are placed in one of our schools for a two-to-three year-long residency and trained to become school leaders.

“STRIVE Prep is different from most schools because it’s an environment where I feel like not only am I challenged to be a good teacher, but I also feel supported.”

Dero Ard, Seventh-Grade Math Teacher, STRIVE Prep – Federal

Competitive Compensation

STRIVE Prep offers a competitive compensation package to teachers, leaders and central support staff with generous vacation and opportunities for stipends.


STRIVE Prep employees participate in the nationally acclaimed Colorado Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA) program and can also choose a competitive 401K contribution option.


STRIVE Prep offers competitive medical coverage that is 100 percent employer-paid for employees with a generous discount for spouses and dependents.