Application Process

"When the teachers are genuinely, intrinsically motivated to come to school and to teach, kids are intrinsically motivated to learn and to give their all."

Dani Martin - Teacher, STRIVE Prep - Ruby Hill

STRIVE Prep Application Process

Step 1: Application and Cover Letter Review

Once you’ve selected the position for which you’re applying, on the STRIVE Prep Careers page, be sure to have a digital cover letter and current resume ready to upload from the application page. Please address Cover Letter to “Staffing Manager”of specified campus in which you are applying (found at the bottom of the job description)

Step 2: Digital Interview

Based on the qualifications displayed in your resume and cover letter you will be sent a Digital Interview.  This allows us to get to know you better by asking a series of informal, position-specific questions.

Step 3: Final Interview

The final step of the interview process is an in-person interview at one of our 11 campuses or Central Office. During this interview teacher candidates teach a sample lesson to a group of our “scholars” with a teaching objective provided by the Talent Team. Candidates also interview and receive feedback on that lesson from campus administration, spend time observing classrooms [and talk with students and teachers].  

Non-academic final interviews typically include a performance task mirroring the work required for a specific job and interviews with Central Staff and/or department managers.