STRIVE Prep - Green Valley Ranch

Our vision is to make a college-preparatory education for all students in our community the norm, not the exception.

STRIVE Prep - Green Valley Ranch

Grades Served: 6-8

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Jessica Savage

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Mon-Thurs: 8 AM - 4:30 PM
Fri: 8 AM - 1:30 PM


Jessica Savage

Welcome to STRIVE Prep - Green Valley Ranch

Every day, 365 students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade eagerly enter our building ready to STRIVE for college.  Our phenomenal staff works hard to ensure that all of our scholars receive the high-quality education they deserve.  In addition to a strong academic program, we want our Dragons to cultivate their unique talents and share them with the community. Everyone at STRIVE Prep is committed to each and every one of our students and we look forward to those moments when their eyes light up with excitement and enthusiasm for all that they have learned and for all the knowledge for which they still yearn.

Please see below for a look ahead to important upcoming school events

Paycheck Fridays

  • Every Friday, students will bring home a "paycheck," which lists out an rewards or consequences that school received for that week. Student can use these dollar amounts throughout the year to use towards tickets into an exclusive event or to purchase items from the school store.

Fall sports programs include: Boys and Girls Cross Country, Boys Flag Football, and Girls Volleyball. If your scholar is interested in playing a fall sport, they will need a sports physical by Friday 9/9/16. Call Denver Health, which is in Building #1 on our campus, and the cost is $0. Contact our school Athletic Director, Ashley Martinez for additional information. 303.731.7767.

STRIVE Prep Shout Out

This week we want to highlight our 8th grade ELA team. While reading the book Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick, Brittney Cleark and Kimberly Terribile engaged scholars in intense, thought provoking discussions by means of a Socratic Circle. Students were initially given a prompt of “Should child soldiers be granted amnesty?” In classes, Cleark & Terribile had scholars work on a packet to help them organize their ideas, and make a decision about what their stance was on the topic. Students researched articles about child soldiers across the world, used text from Never Fall Down, and worked with their partners to find quotes, statistics, and textual evidence to support the claims they were going to make in the circle. Finally, students formed two high level thinking questions that they could bring to the circle with them to foster and facilitate discussion amongst the group. Terribile noted that many students were excited to share all the research they did and to share their views and opinions on an interesting topic. In Cleark’s classes, the level of maturity and respect that scholars demonstrated in the circle was highly impressive. Using Socratic Circles can be easily transferred to other subjects where students can form opinions on topics and have discussions that will allow for interpretation and higher level thinking.

School Based Program

  • Daily Art or Physical Education
  • Annual College Visits
  • Student Leadership
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball

Community Programs

  • Family Council (Coming Soon)

We have a strong culture of perseverance and determination, and we celebrate success in many ways.