"We empower our students to be social justice focused community members who are compassionate and responsible."

Elisha Roberts, Principal

Grades Served: 9

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School Leader:

Elisha Roberts

School Hours:

7:45 AM - 4:00 PM


Elisha Roberts

Welcome to STRIVE Prep - RISE

STRIVE Prep - RISE will develop young adults to become critical thinking lifelong learners ready to solve 21st–century problems.  We empower our scholars to be social justice focused community members who are compassionate and responsible.  Our scholars will rise into global leaders ready to challenge societal inequities.  We will meet scholars right where they are, challenging, encouraging and supporting them with tools and resources to push them beyond the limits of their previous achievements.  Our intensive college preparatory curriculum will include mandatory AP Coursework and graduation requirements that exceed the Colorado Department of Higher Education requirements for scholars entering four-year colleges and universities.  All scholars will wear a simple uniform of professional dress to ensure respect for self and others and diminish social stress.

Like each of our sister schools, will work hard to make good on two promises to families: 1) We’ll keep your child safe, and 2) We’ll prepare your child for the opportunities and challenges of college.

Keep up to date with what's happening at STRIVE Prep - RISE with the calendar below:

Academic Achievement

  • Highly-qualified teachers
  • Access to a personal computer
  • Regular assessments to individualize student learning needs
  • Extra class time in Literature, Composition and Mathematics
  • Support for English language learners
  • Programs for students with special education needs
  • Advanced Placement & honors courses for upper grades
  • After-school homework support
  • Evening phone access to teacher

School Based Programs

  • Annual College Visits
  • College planning and application support
  • Summer college stays for Juniors
  • Physical Education
  • Visual & Digital Art
  • Drama, Speech and Debate
  • Foreign Language
  • Student Leadership
  • Dance
  • Basketball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball (competitive sports offered through KIPP)

Community Programs

Every child can earn college degrees and come home to lead and transform their own communities, having experienced support from community partners. Together, our community will determine the partners best suited to meet our students’ needs.